Bath Fizzies!

For Valentines Day we got the girls little gift bags full of pink goodies including a nail file, lipstick pen and a pink lip bath fizzy. These bath fizzies are always such a hit with the girls. I have gotten them before and they always add an extra element of fun to the bath and make the girls (and bathroom) smell so good. This particular lip one made the whole bath pink and smelled wonderful.

As usual they wanted to go get more and as usual I said, why don't we figure out how to make them? I found tons of resources online about making bath fizzies (also called bath bombs).

Here are a few of them:

- Recipe from
- Recipe from Martha (Is there anything she can't do? She had me glittering everything this past holiday.)
- Recipe from (Simple Recipe)
- Recipe from (This is the one I am going to try.)

Cool Video:

* I love the music during this one...get's you all pumped to make fizzies!

It took me a while to find the citric acid, but eventually found it at a local health food store. The last thing for me to find is the witch hazel. I hope to make them this weekend and post my outcome. Wish me luck!

We made the bath fizzies! A few notes for the next batch.
  1. Make sure all ingredients are in powder form. I will ground the Epsom salt into a flower like consistency next time.
  2. Work with the die. We tried to make purple fizzies. Not sure that I added enough and the accidental addition of the yellow coloring probably didn't help the poop like color.
  3. Fragrance. The two tsp is a lot. I used essential oils (a combination of what I had laying around). I will be more prepared next time with enough of one smell. I might even try fragrance oil rather than an essential oil. (Etsy looks like they have some good suppliers of that Etsy Fragrance link. They also have citric acid.)
Overall, very fun and they fizzed when added to the bath. So mission accomplished.

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