Kustom Frames for Fathers Day

It's always hard to think of something to give Clay on Father's Day. He doesn't do a lot of the common fatherly stuff that people think about with dads: no fishing, no golfing, not really into TV or main stream sports, doesn't have an office job (no ties here!), and he's mostly a vegetarian (no BBQ tools needed!).
So what to do? Here is Clay in a "nut"shell: be builds traditional hot rods, at Clayton's Hot Rods, and likes to surf. Pretty simple. When I came across the Father's Day craft Car Nut Frame, I pinned it, decided to put a Kustom spin on it and created a few with the girls for his "office" - the workshop.
Below is the end result. Check out the original Pin here: Father's Day Car Nut Frame from Kaboose.com. We sourced the frames on sale (love that!), from local craft shop Beverly's. I loved the look of the distressed barn wood; we lucked out with that. Then we went into daddy's shop and grabbed a collection of old, rusty bolts, screws, washers, and a few fuses. The girls placed them on the frames where they wanted them to go and I helped to place the glue for them. We used Aleen's Original Tacky Glue to glue the items on. It dried clear and held all of the bolts, even the heavy ones, on very securely.
I printed up some photos and wa-la our Kustom Father's Day Frames!