Skull Shirt

As most of us have, I've been going crazy pinning things on Pinterest. I found myself feeling a little bit unaccomplished because of my ratio of pins to actually getting off the computer and doing something creative. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take up blogging again as well as create a new section called 'Pintertested' where I would actually try some of the things that I Pinned.

A few weeks ago I found this really cute cut out skull shirt idea. Well, actually I found a few of them, but this one in particular caught my eye because of the cute little bow that was tied in the top of the skull's head. The project descriptions were really easy to follow and the shirt turned out great. Below are some pictures from my 'Pintastic' creation....ok, I'll stop now...

How cute is my little model! She rocks the shirt all the time and proudly wears it as momma's latest creation.

Test Results: A Pinning Success!

Step 1: Create a Template

Step 2: Cut out, place on shirt and trace with chalk. Oh, I also cut out the neck and cut the arms off at a 45 degree.

Step 3: Draw horizontal lines across the tracing.

Step 4: Cut out and place on cute model! (When cutting I cut straight along the chalk lines, stopping when I got to the eyes and nose.)

Love her and the shirt! The bonus is that it is big enough to fit the both of us.

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